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... peace in Cyprus cannot be separated from reunification ...


των Κυπριακών οργανώσεων αποδήμων                   yurt dışında yaşayan kıbrıslı örgütlerin

The United Cyprus Platform (UCP) was founded in Istanbul in December 2006 as a coordination platform of Overseas Cypriot Organizations from both communities with a view to assist in the rapprochement of the two communities and achieving the ultimate goal of re-unification of the island...more

An event organised on the evening of Tuesday the 26th of November 2013,  at Westminster Palace in London by the "United Cyprus Platform" of the overseas Cypriot organisations, brought together Greek and Turkish Cypriots, as well as British parliamentarians, in order to discuss the recent developments regarding the Cyprus problem...more

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Α delegation of the United Cyprus Platform (UCP) of Cypriot Overseas Organizations visited Brussels from 18-19th February, 2014 and had meetings with Commissioner Androula Vassiliou, and a representative from the cabinet of Commissioner Stefan Fulle. Subject of discussion were the latest developments in the Cyprus problem and the ongoing negotiations process. They also met with representatives of the European Parliamentary political groups, and dwelled on the same issues.....

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7 - 9 September 2014: participation of a delegation of G/C and T/C youth on the Japanese Peace Boat. Peace activities and the Cyprus problem. Route: Piraeus – Istanbul.

In cooperation with the Initiative "Year of Cyprus 2014".

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  • Nicosia - May 2015 – Bi-communal conference of the civil society

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  • The "Bi-communal Initiative for Peace-United Cyprus" calls for the immediate restart of negotiations and an end to the violation of Cypriot EEZ by Turkey - December 2014. Click here to see ... Human chain December 20, 2014. Click here to see
  • Creation of the Bi-communal "Movement for a Federal Cyprus". Click here to see ...